Planning a Group Photo Tour of New York City

Planning a Group Photo Tour of New York City

New York City is arguably the most famous city in the world. It’s an incredibly memorable destination, one that’s ideal for groups of all ages and sizes. The entire city has a charm like no other in the world, and it’s often considered as the photographer’s dream city. A photo tour would be a fantastic experience for anybody, as it’s often about capturing New York’s spirit in a timeless photograph.

Getting around

It’s not easy getting around New York City. It can be very confusing, especially for first time visitors. Some of the streets can be organized in a convoluted manner, and traffic is hectic to say the least. Unless you’re sure about driving in the city for your group, it’s definitely not recommended. Public transport can be decent, but it would take a lot of time to get anywhere, especially within a day. That’s why you should consider getting a New York City tour bus or minibus rental. That way everyone would get to spend time together, and nobody would have to do driver duty. You’d have a private driver and your own bus, and have no troubles getting around.

Popular Spots

Statue of Liberty//

Statue of Liberty

There’s no landmark that personifies New York better
than the Statue of Liberty. It’s an iconic destination that is perfectly suited
for photography. The theme can be anything – from freedom to history. It’s
easily one of the finest spots to capture New York’s indomitable spirit.

Central Park

NYC is a busy and bustling place, and it sometimes can feel overwhelming. However, there’s a certain type of magic to be found in Central Park. It feels like it’s a pocket dimension, like it’s out of this world. Even though the rest of New York City is visible almost at all times, the sheer scenic beauty is enough to make the perfect photograph.

Rockefeller Center

This enormous shopping and entertainment center is one of the most iconic landmarks of the city. From the plaza to the Art Deco style, everything fits together perfectly to create a visual narrative. Also, don’t forget about snapping New York’s skyline from above on the observation deck up top.


This is a part of New York that certainly has an
entirely unique charm and feel about it. From the crowds of people roaming
around to the vendors selling wares and trinkets and the stalls offering fresh
Chinese food, there is no better place to take a snapshot of the true New York
than Chinatown. It’s simply a place that oozes atmosphere and personality.

Niche Spots

Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel

The oldest subway tunnel in the world is located in
Brooklyn, right under Atlantic Avenue. It was originally opened in 1844. Even
though it was sealed in 1861, it was found and unsealed in 1980. There’s
literally nothing else like it anywhere else, and it’s easily possible to find
tours that will guide you through this tunnel.

42nd Street

Not normally associated with photography, this is a spot that has a rich historical heritage. When you’re near Bryant Park, you can see both the New York Public Library and the American Standard Radiator Building. Even though this building is now a hotel, it was originally built to be the headquarters of the American Radiator and Sanitary Company in 1924. In fact, the entire 42nd street is ripe with similar photography, like with Grand Central Station or even the nearby Chrysler Building.

Photographing New York City is an absolute treat. There are a lot of spots that feel like vertical slices of the city’s history, while others feel like pure magic. No matter where you go to take a photo, you’ll find some unforgettable spots. – Travel Feeder

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