10 Things You Need to do When Visiting the Beautiful City of Calgary

10 Things You Need to do When Visiting the Beautiful City of Calgary

Are you heading to Calgary this week? Canada is jam-packed with beautiful cities, but Calgary boasts something unique to offer every tourist. Known for its rapid growth and breathtaking skyscrapers, Calgary is nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies and is the perfect place to enjoy the slopes. Here are 10 of the best things you need to do the next time you visit Calgary.

Stephen Avenue Walk. Calgary.

1. Glenbow Museum

Both art and history lovers call Glenbow Museum their top best place to visit in Calgary. Despite its small size, the museum offers exhibits that mainly focus on Western Canada’s culture, showing everything from a wide collection of military memorabilia to interactive displays related to the First Nations tribes. Moreover, Glenbow Museum features a variety of displays of Asian sculpture, European Art, and some West African artifacts. You can also find a lot of fun hands-on activities that will keep you and your little ones busy while visiting the museum.

2. Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a unique place where the city’s Wild West past keeps flourishing and developing. Located south of Calgary downtown and beside the Glenmore Reservoir, Heritage Park is a favorite place of many history buffs. It’s noticeable for the costumed staff that re-enacts those times gone by. In Heritage Park, you’ll find a historic village, a ranch, and a 1860’s replica of a fur-trading post – each keeps functioning these days. From cruising the reservoir by a cute paddle-wheeler boat to taking a ride on a horse-drawn wagon or a steam locomotive, there are tons of things to try in Heritage Park, especially if you have children.

3. Prince’s Island Park

Whether you’re traveling with a family, friends, or alone, Prince’s Island Park is a wonderful place to escape the hustle and bustle of Calgary – albeit the park is located in the middle of the city. The park is super clean, family-friendly, and amazingly peaceful. Arrange a picnic, play football or Frisbee, meditate, or just enjoy a long stroll in this beautiful park. The trails, which are lined with fantastic cottonwood trees, draw both walkers and bikers. Prince’s Island Park also hosts a variety of festivals and has an outdoor theater. If you’re hungry you can get a quick snack from one of the stalls of Eau Claire Market by following the footbridge across the Bow River. River Café is for a full-range dining, as well.

4. Fort Calgary Historic Park

If you want to explore the history of Calgary, include Fort Calgary Historic Park in your travel bucket list. The 40-acre park features the remains of the previously buried, mounted police stronghold. This place was hidden until the 1970’s. Nowadays, you have a wonderful opportunity to explore the impressive remains of the fort. Thanks to the recently discovered artifacts, you can learn more about the life of people in these western Mounties.

5. Scotiabank Saddledome

Explore a taste of authentic Canadian sportsmanship by visiting a site of the National Hockey League’s Calgary Flames – Scotiabank Saddledome. Initially located in Atlanta and moved from it in 1980, the Flames claimed the Stanley Cup and won the city over. Since 1989, this sports team has been a pride for almost all people in Calgary. Scotiabank Saddledome takes an active part in city life, especially during the off-season. It has a great interior and arranges a number of special events, including rodeos, concerts, and visits from famous world figures like the Dalai Lama and Queen Elizabeth II.

6. Stephen Avenue Walk

One of the most popular shopping venues in Calgary, the Stephen Avenue Walk occupies 3 blocks of the 8th Avenue of the downtown. This shopping area is pedestrian-only includes a National Historic District and is packed with excellent restaurants, fashionable stores, and a few nightclubs. Moreover, the Stephen Avenue Walk is the site of the avid culture-hounds, talented local artists, unique street performers, and vivid festivals. This shopping avenue welcomes both locals and tourists alike every single day, albeit some restaurant and store hours may vary at times. There’s no need to pay to enter the venue, however, consider bringing some cash in case you see something amazing.

7. Calgary Tower

Situated in the center of Calgary, Calgary Tower stands 626 feet high and it was the tallest building in Calgary in the past. Initially built in 1967 for a celebration of Canada’s Centennial, it was sheltered the Olympic flame in 1988. Nowadays, Calgary Tower acts as the centerpiece of Calgary, providing locals and visitors breathtaking views of the city along with the Rocky Mountains. The panoramic view is worth the money they ask for.

8. Canada Olympic Park

Canada Olympic Park is a grand sports complex, which is used as training grounds for young athletes during the year. Head to Canada Olympic Park for a great how-to on riding the slopes. You can take cross-country and downhill ski lessons, which are also available for kids. There are some other sporty activities, such as the luge and bobsleigh. Those seeking a calmer outing visit the Olympic Hall of Fame and Museum that boasts the world’s biggest collection of competition’s artifacts, such as photographs, costumes, and the Olympic torch.

9. Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows is a popular sporting facility knowing for hosting some of the most notable horseback riding events in Calgary. You’ll find many talented jockeys competing for prize money and national titles in spectacular events, including cross-country and show-jumping.

10. Calgary Zoo

Calgary Zoo is so massive that it can and does house over 1,400 animals – from gorillas to tigers. It provides excellent enclosures for animals. Head to Creatures of the Night/Australia to see emus and kangaroos, or see the country’s furry friends, such as bears and moose in the Canadian Wilds section. Besides animals, Calgary Zoo has a sprawling botanical garden renowned for its awesome flora from across the globe. The zoo also includes the Prehistoric Park that showcases the history of the region as a stomping ground for ancient dinosaurs.

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