Let’s Start Planning And Go Travel NOW

Let’s Start Planning And Go Travel NOW

Let's Start Planning And Go Travel NOW

Readers who have known me for long would realise how much fun is it to travel the world and see what we have missed so far out there. We have gathered and written valuable tips and guides for travelers to plan for their FIT trips.

If you are new to this hobby and would love to know how we achieved those epic FIT travel experience, please read on.

Plan an epic FIT travel

I have summarised here a short guide on how we do our planning and tools and websites that we use most to do the trick. You will after this find out how we book all our flights, accommodation, transportation and tours. This is absolutely for those who admire our adore our experiences and crave to become one of the Free and Independent Travelers.

As Travel Feeder blog description says, “Let’s Start Planning And Go Travel NOW”! Yes. I mean now. Natural disaster could ruin anything, just like what had happened to Notre Dame Paris earlier. World heritage and iconic structures could disappear one day! Off course, our life is too short to wait also!

There are 2 stimulants which can trigger our itchy travel feet. One is the unbelievable low air fares on offer by airlines and the other is the alluring scenes or mouth watering foods seen in media. Either this could decide our next travel destination. Let’s put the money and time issues aside. We are here to guide you through the planning.

If you are planning to visit Europe, get some useful tips in my “From Travel to Photo” page.

3 Main Aspects of Travel Plan

There are literally 3 aspects you need to plan for any travel: Transport, Accommodation and Tours. First off is to book your flight or cruise.

Once you’ve locked on the destination, you can start searching for the lowest air fares. What attracted you in the advertisement might not be the lowest price. Normally not only 1 airline is discounting the fares to that destination. What I do next is to check air flight booking comparison website. I use Skyscanner. Just key in your preferred travel date and search if there are any even lower price offered by other airlines.

Hold your horses! Before booking flights I would go through a brief search on tourist spots available in the city and decide how many days are ideal for the trip. Off course, it will also depend on your applicable working leaves, your budget and other commitment. Rule of thumb tells you that at least one week needed for overseas tours for a maximum 2 cities involved.

After deciding the duration, you can book you flight!

Read The City Guide

What I normally do next is to do researches on the vacation city in details and draft out a preliminary itinerary. For Japan trips, I read prominently the Japan Guide website. I’m reading Guide to Sydney now for my next trip!

Once you know the distance between spots you plan to go, you can start booking your hotels! I use Hotels Combined booking comparison website. Area around the city central train station is always a good starting point. Off course, if you are familiar with the city transport system, you may wish to book further away from CBD with connecting rail line which could save substantial amount of money.

That’s not all! I found out lately by getting entrance tickets online could save you a bunch of money! KLOOK is a great travel activities booking website not only saving you valuable money on day tours, but also letting you realise there are those activities available in that city!

KLOOK is Your Tour Guide

I used it extensively for my last Japan trip. Not only getting discounted entrance pass for Disneyland Tokyo and Universal Studio Osaka, I managed to grab the discount code for my Japan Rail Pass as well! It had given me great confidence and I have no hesitation in recommending it, especially when you are looking for exquisite tours such as bungy jumping in Melbourne and so on.

That’s it! After you have successfully booked the air tickets, hotels and tours, your FIT vacation is considered half done. What you need to do next is to sit back and wait for the Big day!

Today is Labour Day and it’s definitely the best day to plan your Autumn and Winter trip this year! Happy Holidays! – Travel Feeder

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