How to Have a Luxurious Michigan Vacation

How to Have a Luxurious Michigan Vacation

How to Have a Luxurious Michigan Vacation
Michigan Theatre. Photo by Kevin Dooley

While Michigan is famous for being the home of some of the most enjoyable hiking terrain in the country, there’s a lot of luxury there too. If you prefer being spoiled and looked after rather than long walks through the mud, then don’t dismiss Michigan too quickly. This is a destination that’s steadily growing in popularity, and that’s largely thanks to the classic sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the whole region. If you want to enjoy some luxurious travel, then Michigan could be the vacation spot that you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find there.


While the festivals are a big draw for many, those looking for a spot of luxury would be well-advised to head to Frankenmuth. Known as Michigan’s Little Bavaria, it’s a truly unique and spellbinding town, and if you’re looking to escape the modern world for a while without losing out on modern conveniences, it’s hard to beat. Loaded with historical sights and a rich culture, there’s a lot to spoil yourself within Frankenmuth.

and Swimming in Fife

Jarvis Lake is one of the must-visit spots in Michigan. Rent yourself some quality accommodation from and get ready to relax on the gentle waters of Jarvis Lake. Spend your day laying back and occasionally reeling in a fish, or even go for a swim in the delightfully clear waters. If your idea of luxury is all about relaxation, then it’s going to be hard to beat Jarvis Lake.

on the Beach

you prefer the soft sands rather than a boat, then you won’t be found wanting
in Michigan. There are over 200 miles of
sandy beaches to explore around Lake Michigan that are truly a sight to behold, but you should definitely make sure that you experience the stunning sunsets that
bless the beachfront every evening. There’s nothing quite like the beach towns of Michigan for a day of total
relaxation, away from the frantic cities.


two hours from Chicago, Kalamazoo is definitely
one not to miss. This is one progressive spot, and it calls itself a place
with a big city mentality and a small town heart. You’re not going to run out
of ways to spoil yourself, and the vibrant downtown has some spectacular
restaurants, a huge range of unique and
eclectic shops, plenty of art galleries, and enough live entertainment to
please everyone. Of course, it’s close enough to the Great Lakes to detour to,
so there’s no excuse not to check out this stunning, unique town.

to Detroit

A city unlike any other, there’s always been something special about Detroit. As the biggest city in Michigan, you can expect there to be everything you’d ever want to find in an American city, with something new to offer every visitor. Food is a big deal here, and chefs worldwide are relocating to Detroit to show off their culinary creations. For foodies, it’s going to be hard to beat Detroit. Don’t miss out on a visit to the Motown Museum between meals, and you’ll be spellbound by the musical history of this true American city.

Michigan is known for its diverse landscape, lakes, and hiking. Yet, there’s so much more on offer in this truly unique state. No matter what you’re looking for or how luxurious you want to be, you’re going to find plenty to enjoy. – Travel Feeder

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