Visiting Grand Cayman? Here’s Five Activities You Can Participate In

Visiting Grand Cayman? Here’s Five Activities You Can Participate In

Grand Cayman

Planning a vacation can be challenging. It’s hard to know which activities can be avoided and which should not be missed for any reason. When it comes to Grand Cayman, certain things appear on most travelers’ wish list and therefore should at least be considered when you create your itinerary. Be sure to take each family member into account also when developing this list. Following are five activities family members of any age are sure to love.

Cayman Islands Turtle Farm

When researching places to visit in Grand Cayman, be sure to put the Turtle Farm on the list. At the farm, guests find they can swim with turtles in a lagoon, check out cultural exhibits, or visit the Blue Hole Nature Trail. There is something for every member of the family, and the farm even hosts weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events for those who are interested. This is one attraction that should not be missed.

Atlantis Submarine Dive

Families traveling with kids will want to put the Atlantis Submarine Dive on the list of can’t-miss activities. This is a great way to see the underwater creatures that call these waters home and is perfect for children who are unable or unwilling to scuba dive due to their age or for another reason. Both day and night dives are offered, so families can easily fit this activity into a busy schedule.

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

To truly experience the beauty of the region, visitors need to set aside time for an afternoon at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Those who do so find they can see roughly 40 percent of Grand Cayman’s native flora in one location. Relax in the Tea House or plan your visit around the annual Orchid Show. This is only one of the many events held on the ground, so keep this in mind when deciding when to visit the region, as there may be an activity you don’t want to miss out on and learn about only after returning home. Children enjoy visiting this site as they have room to move around and release some of their energy in a gorgeous setting.

Stingray City

Stingrays terrify many individuals, but they shouldn’t. When guests visit Stingray City, they find these animals are very friendly and enjoy meeting new people. In fact, this is the most popular attraction on Grand Cayman today, and every family member will enjoy feeding these sea creatures and petting them as they swim by. Be sure to take plenty of pictures to capture this magical part of your vacation.

Pedro St. James Castle

Constructed in 1780 by William Eden, Pedro St. James Castle has now been completely restored and is the Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands. Here is where the first government of the islands was formed in 1831. Today, visitors find they can visit the house, learn about the area’s colorful past in the multi-sensory, 3D theatre, or rest in the gazebo. The gazebo is where many of the events on the grounds are held, thanks to its beauty and breathtaking backdrops.

While five attractions have been listed, there are countless others to consider as well. Don’t hesitate to contact a travel agent or speak to the tourism department to learn about more, as you want this trip to be everything you dreamed of. With the right knowledge and assistance, it can be in every way. – Travel Feeder

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