It’s a Great Idea to Go on a Solo Motorbike Travel And Here’s Why!

It’s a Great Idea to Go on a Solo Motorbike Travel And Here’s Why!

Solo Motorbike Travel
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“On the streets, I ride alone, to lose my mind, to find my soul.”

Reasons for Solo Motorbike Travel

Motorcycles have come a long way since
their invention – more speed, better comfort, and flashier designs. However, if
you truly envision it, nothing has changed. They still have two wheels, an
engine and a lot of fuel between the legs of a rider, and these bikes always
make grow-ups act like teenagers.

You would never come across a rider who doesn’t love their bike. The passion that fuels these riders to ride on empty roads for miles and miles is captivating. And while riding a motorcycle in a group is fantastic, the satisfaction that a solo ride provides is inexplicable.

Riding solo takes you to a different world of dreams. While it’s a bit risky but riding solo is ten times more satisfactory than a group ride. Here are a few reasons why you should take a solo motorbike travel:

It Gives You Inner Peace

‘Anything is possible when you have inner peace.’

Ah, inner peace and Poo’s (Kung-Fu Panda) eternal struggle to attain it, is something that has been embedded into our minds. But only if Poo had a motorcycle, achieving inner peace would have been a piece of cake.

When you ride solo; be it rain, snow,
traffic, hot or cold, your zen mode is always on. What’s more? Being a rider,
you stop getting embarrassed about trivial stuff like your messed-up hair,
dirty clothes, or even your funny looking gear.

Once you are back on your bike, all the
rage, stress, or any other emotion wallops and the zen mode is on once again.

You Become Free

‘You must let go to be free.’

When was the last time you felt free?
Free of peer-pressure, free of responsibilities, free of burdens? Hard to
remember, isn’t it? Riding a motorcycle helps in achieving that freedom as it
is all about letting things go.

It is nearly impossible to articulate the
feeling of freedom that a solo ride provides. The scenic beauty you see, the
passing towns, and a journey into the sunset, leaving everything behind, is a
life experience that you must let go to get something better. 

Confidence to Face Challenges

‘Confidence comes from trying, not thinking.’

During a solo bike trip, a lot of things
happen. You meet with new challenges, which you usually don’t face in real
life. And in this case, you do not have any choice other than facing these

You are forced to call on your instincts,
strength, and ingenuity to sort these problems by yourself. You would be
surprised to see that you can solve any problem if you try hard. This makes you
more confident about talking on problems head-on.

Teaches You to Interact with New People

‘Language is not a barrier when it comes to talking to strangers.’

How often it happens that you interact
with strangers without any personal or official motive? Well, the possibility
is low. So, why would you go and talk to random strangers for no reason at all,

However, when you are on a solo motorbike travel, you do not have the luxury of known people being around you. So, the possibility of meeting and interacting with strangers increases. It boosts your socializing skills, which currently is one of the most important things to succeed in life.

Don’t Make A Bucket List, Make A Bike-it List!

Riding a motorcycle is not just about reaching from one
point to another; it’s about finding yourself. If you want to be happy – ride,
if you want to be free – ride, if you want to fly – ride.

However, before you start your solo-trip, there are specific rules you must follow, which include:

  • Get your bike checked
  • Asses your protective gear
  • Buy online bike insurance policy

No doubt that riding bike has its perks, but it also comes with some risks. Purchasing online bike insurance helps you in handling these risks with ease. Apart from the fact that it is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988; online bike insurance helps in covering expenses incurred during an accident.

Moreover, bike insurance policies from
leading insurers like TATA AIG General Insurance, also provide coverage

  • Any natural or human-made incidents
  • Third-party liability
  • Personal accident (driver)

Additionally, the insurer also offers add-ons such as depreciation cover and return of invoice cover, providing all-around protection. – Travel Feeder

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