Why backpacking Australia should be your next adventure

Why backpacking Australia should be your next adventure

The Three Sisters Rock formation in Blue Mountain region of New South Wales, Australia.

So many amazing places a short flight or road trip away, all unique and vastly different from one another

Whether you’re craving sunny, pristine beaches, culturally rich cities, or areas loaded with natural wonders and wild animals, Australia has it all! Sydney’s a city with a little of everything, including world famous landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, while Melbourne’s more artsy and urban, and Brisbane’s more relaxed and chill. Wherever you decide to begin your adventure, the ease at which you can get around the whole country, with quick flights or easy road trips, is another reason you should head to Australia with nothing but a backpack and some free time, ASAP!

One of the only times in your life you can be completely, 100% free

It’s a rare and beautiful thing to have absolute, complete control of every single thing you do – with only your wants and desires to focus on, you’re able to explore at your pace without answering to anyone. A solo backpacking trip through Australia will be the growing and learning experience and adventure you crave! Nervous to take the leap? This free Australia backpacking guide will ease your worries, answer every question you could have, and help you plan which destinations are calling your name before embarking on this adventure!

Join a community of solo travellers and backpackers

Been wanting to backpack for a while? Been wondering what the big deal is? The huge number of backpackers in Australia at all times throughout the year, especially people on the Working Holiday Visa, shows there’s clearly a fascination with Australia, for good reason!

Amazing weather, year-round

Contrary to popular belief from those who have never visited Aus, Australia does indeed have a winter and, depending on where in Aus you are, can get quite chilly. However, one perk of travelling throughout the country, especially if you’re a backpacker with a loose schedule, is that you can leave the cold and head to warmer places! If winter is dawning in Sydney, travel north towards Brisbane or Cairns to soak up some sun, even in the colder months.

Better yet, take advantage of being on this side of the world and take a quick and cheap trip to Fiji or anywhere in Southeast Asia, like Bali, Thailand, or Cambodia, which stay warm and tropical year-round! Group tours are a great and inexpensive way to make friends with other solo travellers while exploring these warm, tropical places throughout Asia! – Travel Feeder

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