Travel Gadget – IQOS 3.0 e-Cigarette Review

Travel Gadget – IQOS 3.0 e-Cigarette Review

For those of you who has been asking me for the IQOS 3.0 review, this is it! For those who missed my earlier review on IQOS 3.0 Multi, check it out here.

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IQOS, or “I Quit Original Smoking”, is an electronic cigarette device designed by Philip Morris International (PMI) to replicate original smoking experience in a more healthy way. By heating and not burning the blended tobacco leaves with an electronic device, PMI claimed IQOS introduces less harmful elements to smokers and the environment.

I Quit Original Smoking

While some countries are still not buying the idea of heat-not-burn e-cigarette which still with no proven health data, many countries accept it as an alternative to original smoking with lesser health risks. Japan is one of the front runners. Since its introduction into the market 3 years ago, IQOS took Japan by storm with more than 15% smokers in Japan using the IQOS now.

In November 2018, PMI introduced 2 new versions of the smoke free e-cigarette device, namely IQOS 3.0 and IQOS 3.0 Multi. I’ve reviewed the IQOS 3.0 Multi a moment ago and here is my review of the flagship model, IQOS 3.0, in the context of its suitability on travel for vacationers.

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IQOS 3.0

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IQOS 3.0 is the top model in current line which has the most beautiful and modern design. Similarly to IQOS 2.4, it consists of the HEETS holder and a charger. Users need to slot the holder into the charger to recharge it after each use and the charger needs to be recharged after 20-30 charges of the holder.

There are also quite some improvement over the older IQOS 2.5 which include:-

  • longer battery life,
  • more consistent operation without any crashing issue or malfunctioning,
  • new slide-in magnetic slot design for easier holder charging,
  • slightly smaller but sleeker design,
  • faster charging with new USB-C port.

The advantage of this is that users can smoke more than 20 cigarettes (HEETS) outside on your travel without needing to look for charging station. The downside? You can’t smoke continuously since the cigarette holder needs to be charged for 3 minutes after each smoking session (if compared with 10 heatsticks for IQOS 3.0 Multi). Otherwise, IQOS 3.0 operates exactly the same as IQOS 3.0 Multi.

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Other features of 3.0 include the smaller holder size (unlike IQOS 3.0 Multi which has holder and charger combined) for easier holding in hands, and sleeker charger if compared with earlier model IQOS 2.4. It also comes with an USB-C socket for charging which is undoubtedly today’s trend.

What’s its point for travelers?

So what is it like for travelers to bring IQOS along on vacations?

  1. It helps smokers to smoke lesser and theoretical healthier. HEETS has lesser nicotine contents and other harmful ingredients found in ordinary cigarettes.
  2. It preserve the environment better without introducing ash and smoke into air.
  3. It has much less smell if compared to ordinary cigarette. Because it doesn’t burn, minimum tar and burning smell will be released.
  4. Also because of that, less risks of it in causing fire hazards by accidentally dropping off your cigarette butts.
  5. You will feel more “localized” since many Japanese and Koreans smoke IQOS nowadays.
  6. Though there is an initial cost to buy the heating device, HEETS or the tobacco sticks are cheaper than the original cigarettes.

What’s its point not for travelers?

  1. The major hindrance of IQOS currently is that you can’t use it everywhere in the world. There are countries where IQOS are banned at the time of writing this article, such as Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  2. You need to bring an additional power adapter to charge the device.
  3. There’s an additional risk of dropping the device and render it unusable on travel, though they are now internationally warrantied which you can get your device serviced overseas.
  4. You won’t be able to smoke original cigarette again because they smell so different that you will no be able to accept the strong burning smell of normal cigarettes after switching to IQOS.

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After a month of usage, I found IQOS 3.0 is the most reliable model if compared to IQOS 3.0 Multi and 2.4. It has also a slightly bigger heatstick slot which make it easier to clean with an earbud.

Similar to all IQOS models, IQOS 3.0 is a great cigarette alternative for smokers hoping for a healthier lifestyle or planning a cessation. That said, traveling with IQOS could be an issue for some destinations. You need to check out the latest information of e-cigarette bans on countries of your visit. Even though you may bring IQOS into those countries, buying heatsticks or HEETS there could be difficult since it is still not as popular.

What do you think? Please comment if you have any other opinions. Peace! – Travel Feeder

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