Tips for finding the perfect solo package holiday

Tips for finding the perfect solo package holiday

Tips for finding the perfect solo package holiday

There are a lot of reasons why you might prefer to go on holiday on your own, or you want to go on a nice summer break and none of your friends or family are available to go. Travelling on your own can be really fun and peaceful, and going on a package holiday at a resort where there are plenty of other solo travelers can also be a great way to make some new friends.

However, with so much of the holiday industry seemingly geared towards people travelling in pairs or as families, it can often feel like you are being charged a premium when you want to go alone. It might seem that none of the prices you see for package deals are what you can actually expect to pay, given that they list dual occupancy prices.

Looking For Last Minute Deals

Fortunately, with more and more people these days choosing to go on holiday on their own and making demands of the travel industry that their needs be catered to, you can now find travel deals on holidays of all kinds aimed at people booking just for themselves. Whether you want to book a very specific travel experience for the holiday of a lifetime, or are looking for fun deals for last-minute singles holidays, you should find plenty of choice. However, different travel companies offer different types of holiday and so it is worth knowing what you are looking for as you shop around.

Some solo travellers want to be completely independent when they’re on holiday, where others prefer to be able to mix with others who are on the same trip and make new friends and have some people to go out with while they’re there. If you are hoping to meet other people, then look for a tour operator that is geared towards having groups of singles who get to eat meals together at the hotel, and a host or rep who facilitates things. If you just want to do your own thing and would see things like planned social evenings annoying, then you can look out for holidays that offer singles pricing but are not specifically geared towards catering to weekly groups of solo travellers.

Choices depending on age

Some singles holiday operators arrange
different packages by age group, where others have mixed adult ages. If you are
looking to meet people your own age or possibly even find some dating
opportunities, then you may find it better to go for an age group-based tour.
But if you just want to have some interesting people to mix with and find a
diverse age group more fun, then that is certainly an option.

Flight choices

Package deals usually include flights,
but if you want to fly from your own local airport then you may be able to
customise your package to get the holiday that you like the look of but with
your own choice of flights. It is always worth contacting the holiday provider
if you want to do something like this.

Choosing a great singles holiday should be easy to do, just think about what kind of experience you want and browse online! – Travel Feeder

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