A Guide to Planning a Perfect Group Trip

A Guide to Planning a Perfect Group Trip


Year end holiday season is around the corner and those who have itchy travel feet are starting to plan their family or friends trip! That said, planning a perfect group trip can often be tricky, especially if you all have different ideas of what an ideal vacation means to you. It’s important to plan, prepare and research as much as you can for a group trip, to ensure that everybody gets the same positive experience and returns from the vacation feeling refreshed.

Take Everybody’s Budget into Account

There needs to be openness and honesty when it comes to the amount everybody can comfortably afford. If you can afford luxury accommodation and a first-class air ticket but your friends can’t, then you’re going to have to make a compromise which suits everybody. Nobody should feel like they should have to pay more than they can confidently afford. With so many travel options available out there, there will always be a middle ground which suits everybody.

Try and Incorporate Everybody’s Needs

There may be activities which some in the group would like to do, but others are not so keen on. It’s important to try and find a middle ground. If one friend loves the idea of fitness focus, but the rest prefer a little luxury, you can easily combine the two with an Ultimate Fitness retreat. If you can’t find the perfect middle ground, then share out the activities throughout the trip to ensure that each person does one thing they would like to do.

You Don’t Have to Do Everything Together

Travelling as a
group doesn’t mean you have to spend every second of the holiday in each
other’s pockets. If there is an activity certain people would like to do but
others simply refuse, you can easily split up and have some members of the
group go off by themselves and meet back up again later.

Decide on Strict Deadlines

Booking everything
can be very stressful when you’re trying to communicate with a lot of people,
especially when deposits and payments are needed upfront. Agreeing a strict
payment deadline with all individuals means that everyone is on the same page
and that everything can be booked and paid for on time.

If there is anyone
within the group being uncommunicative and not willing to offer any money
upfront, then perhaps they shouldn’t be going on the trip.

Don’t Offer to Pay

If you’re finding that you’re the designated planner of the trip and it’s emerging that certain members of the group can’t pay when needed but promise that they will pay you back later, you should avoid getting into debt on another’s behalf.

It’s tempting to
want to pay more for certain things just to get the trip booked and worry about
it later, but you shouldn’t depend on people in the group being able to pay you
back, as it may become problematic and messy. Not to mention that there is no
guarantee they actually will pay you back any time soon.

If certain people in the group cannot afford the trip, unfortunately they should not be a part of it. Group vacations are great experiences when everything is planned and booked, so don’t let anything get in the way of your ideal trip – and enjoy! – Travel Feeder

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